ALMP – The Next Leap

A study conducted by UHM shows that Malta will reach an employment ratio of 69% by 2010, roughly in line with the EU27 average. However, research shows that with the current state of aff airs it will take till the year 2042 for Malta to reach the average European standard of living. An Active Labour Market Policy encompassing a five-tier set of proposals, can enable Malta to catch up with the EU27 sooner.

UHM strongly believes that future economic growth depends on the quality of the workforce. Due to demographic ageing it is no longer possible to generate growth from a growing population. To counter the effect of ageing and ensure further prosperity, UHM is calling for an unprecedentat investment in the quality of our workforce through an Active Labour Market Policy (ALMP). An ALMP will not only maximise the labour factor input in our economy, but it will also improve perpetually the skills of our workers.

It is only through additional productivity that a better standard of living can be guaranteed to the upcoming generations. Nevertheless, an effective ALMP is possible if there is the input and commitment from all stakeholders. A national consensus is essential for Malta to make the next big leap.

Click here to download the report The Next Leap – From Labour Market Programmes to an Active Labour Market Policy

Click here to download the summary of the report The Next Leap – From Labour Market Programmes to an Active Labour Market Policy

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