Christmas Gathering by the Pensioners’ Section within UĦM

In a Christmas gathering organised last Thursday 12th December by the Pensioners’ Section within UĦM, around 150 people enjoyed the morning at Villa Arrigo. The event was addressed by Mr Josef Vella, Secretary General of UĦM, accompanied by a number of Section Secretaries, some of which are also new within the UĦM Secretaries’ group.

The Secretary General explained that the Union will be insisting that  the government considers both present pensioners’ problems and tomorrow’s situation.  He said that separate groups should be formed represented by the respective social partners.  He also appealed to all pensioners to support the union in bringing upon a social conscience regarding tomorrow’s pensioners that is today’s youths.

The event was a success thanks to the organiser, the Section Secretary Ms Therese Galdes Debono and also to our sponsors: Seashells Resort – Suncrest Hotel, Preluna Hotel, Dolmen Hotel, Santana Hotel, Piccolo Padre, Victoria Hotel, Villa Mare, Il-Kartell Restaurant, Dolce Vita, Meat & Co., Golden Tulip Vivaldi, Westin Dragonara, Excesior Hotel, Delicata Wineries, Foster Clark and Le Dolce.

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