Ministry of Health reverts position after UHM and APM pressure to safeguard patients’ wellbeing

In a communication to UĦM, the Ministry of Health has reverted its position back and all the equipment used for patient’s toe-nail services will now be sterilized and packed individually to safeguard the patients’ well-being.

This position was changed after pressure done by UĦM and the Association of Podiatrists of Malta whereby Podiatrists working in a Hospital, Community and Clinical Settings were ordered not to use equipment that may be privy to contamination and thus increase in risk of infection.

APM and UĦM insist that this position is only temporary. In-fact, UĦM has requested an urgent meeting to discuss a more permanent solution so that health and safety practices for both patient and clinicians are improved upon.

In the meantime, UĦM and APM have agreed to continue the toe-nail services as long as the equipment is deemed to have no risk of infection and cross-contamination.

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