Press Release – Pharmacy Technicians still not reaping salary benefits after 12 months from the signing of a sectoral agreement

Pharmacy-signThe UĦM Health Services Section today recommenced with industrial actions which were not brought into action last month due to promises that matters were going to be resolved.  The workers under dispute are Pharmacy Technicians in the Health Sector which are still not reaping from all benefits of the sectoral agreement which was signed in November of 2012. UĦM cannot accept that its agreements are partially honoured.  “Although we have been pin pointing the need to address this and similar situations, the section is still in the limbo”, said Mr Gian Paul Gauci, secretary for the Health Section.

After months of negotiations, the workers should not wait for months on end before seeing their collective agreements coming into force.  UĦM is much concerned about having so many misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the agreements.  Such situations will drastically threaten the process of social dialogue and collective bargaining. Belated implementation of the collective agreement results in waste of time, energy and great disappointments from the workers concerned.

During the first meeting, the Management seemed to have understood the Union’s position and had promised to conclude matters in two weeks’ time. The Management postponed the conclusive meeting a couple of times, and it was only on the Union’s insistence that the meeting took place.  During the last meeting, the management backtracked from its promises and the Union had no other choice but to resume industrial actions. UĦM categorically denies the claim made by the Ministry for Health that the union wants to open again the collective agreement.  “We just want to see the full implementation of our agreement, nothing more nothing less” continued Mr Gauci saying that this problem of agreements not being honoured to the full is a problem restricted to the Health sector only.

UĦM Press Office


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