Recognition of Dental Surgery Assistants given to UĦM

The UĦM has been given the sole recognition of the Dental Surgery Assistants (DSAs) who work within the Government of Malta. The DSAs assist the Dental Surgeons during check-ups and surgeries and therefore their role is a major one in the delivery of the service to the clients at Mater Dei Hospital.

This new section started four years ago when a number of DSAs were employed on a three year contract. Due to a UĦM agreement signed last January, the DSAs had their contract extended to an indefinite one. However to-date they are still without a proper structure.

“This is the first step towards the total recognition of the DSAs work within the Dental Department. The next step is to negotiate with the Government the working conditions and the proper structure for the section to flourish” said Gian Paul Gauci, Health Section Secretary within UĦM.

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