UĦM: Agreement on A&E Department Structure soon to be reached


In reply to Dr. Farrugia’s statement which stated that UĦM had agreed with the planned new structure changing the working conditions of emergency responders, UĦM wishes to clarify that from the beginning of Dr. Farrugia’s tenure as Minister of Health it held a number of positive meetings with the Minister to discuss about the restructuring of such a section.

While UĦM, had, since a number of years, requested this restructure, since the section was not functioning well due to lack of staff and lack of equipment, the Minister of Health vision converged with the principals set out in the proposals sent by UĦM in 2011 to the then Ministry of Health, Elderly and Community Care.

For this reason, the Union is positive that an agreement will soon be reached on the working conditions of these employees so that the restructuring may in fact take place.

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