Right of Reply to Paul Pace’s (MUMN) Press Release

Contrary to what Paul Pace is saying, UHM and the Government had agreed that the directives issued are not putting patients’ lives at risk.

Paul Pace should focus more on ensuring that the Nurses’ rights are not being trampled upon instead of trying to give a wrong impression about other Unions’ legally and morally correct directives.

Contrary to what Paul Pace wrote, urgent samples are in fact being processed and samples are being transported by Nursing Aides and Care-Workers instead of Nurses.
Paul Pace’s constant directives do in fact impact on the wellbeing and members of UHM. An example to this is when Paul Pace issued a directive not to get patients down from their beds. It was the Physiotherapists intervention that prevented from patients generating pressure sores.

Paul Pace seems to have forgotten when a few months ago his “responsible union” effectively stopped all chemotherapy and it was only through UHM and its Pharmacist members that patients’ lives were saved through chemotherapy.

On the day, the Government, instead of informing the public that patients’ lives were at risk through actions by Paul Pace, chose to inform Chemotherapy patients that their appointment had been moved by a week due to a large influx of patients.

One should ask, was this intervention by Mr Pace done due to hidden agenda? Was perhaps a call for application issued by coincidence? “In the continuous communication between Government and UHM this morning to try to sort the issues, the Government made a direct reference to Paul Pace’s press release before him even issuing it. Does this mean that the Government and Paul Pace are working together against UHM?” Josef Vella asked.

Josef Vella concluded by stating that “I want to thank all the workers who are currently on industrial actions for showing their support and solidarity instead of reverting to backstabbing. This is what spirit in the Trade Union movement should be.”

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