Right of reply – Sunday Times of Malta and timesofmalta.com 12.04.2015

With reference to the article entitled: Elective operations may be postponed this week  penned by Mr Ivan Martin published on the Sunday Times of Malta (12.04.2015) and the timesofmalta.com:


Elective operations may be postponed this week – timesofmalta.com
Dozens of elective operations, including knee and hip replacements that have been on a waiting list for months, could be postponed this week if physiotherapists go ahead with plans not to offer post-operative care, The Sunday Times of Malta has learnt. The Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin, representing…

UHM would like to clarify that:

All Allied Health Professionals (10 professions) are in fact on industrial actions. This came about since the Ministry seems reluctant to solve pending issues which have been on the agenda since 2013. The professionals in question are not only made up of physiotherapists but 10 distinct professions which include: occupational therapists, podiatrists, speech-language pathologists, medical laboratory scientists, dental technologists, dental hygienists, radiographers, audiologists, optometrists.

Prior to the directives, UĦM had met the Ministry on various occasions to solve these ever pending issues. In fact during some of the meetings it was confirmed in writing by the Ministry that several of these issues had been solved. However, these solutions were never implemented. Adding insult to injury, these solutions where withdrawn by the Ministry even though there was a written agreement with UĦM.

Therefore, it is to be noted that the information in the newspaper article was selective. It is also to be noted that prior to the increase in actions, UĦM had notified the Ministry of such specific directives one week before, giving ample time to the Ministry to take all necessary action required.

UĦM is always open to discussions to solve these pending issues so it can suspend all actions.


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