Safeguarding the professionalism of Health Inspectors

On the 8th of October 2015, the Health Inspectors have decided to create an association to safeguard the profession. The Association for Practitioners of Environmental Health (APOEH) was set up with the aim to promote, enhance and safeguard the professionalism of the Environmental Health Officers. This association was set up with the backing of UHM, the recognized union of the Environmental Health Officers.
It has become apparent that the Government has every intention to fragment the Inspectorate by removing the majority of the duties that the Environmental Health officers have been performing for a number of years. This is in spite of the exceptional service that these practitioners have been giving throughout the years. This service was given although there is an influx of work and a number of graduates are still unemployed. It must be outlined that a number of these duties will be given to other entities including MEPA.
The Association wishes to outline that the Environmental Health Officers duties are not up for discussion, it will do whatever is necessary to safeguard the profession and will continue to strive to give the best service in the interest of public health.
While the Inspectors are encouraged to attend meetings held by the Government to be given information on the proposed reform, APOEH expects that any formal discussions take place between the Government and the same association.

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